Turnaround Concentrate -}

Sometimes I feel like my beauty routine is just a big long boomerang process. I find I product I like, I use it up. And while I have ever intention to repurchase it, I end up being drawn to something, via a recommendation from a friend or another blogger, or just pretty packaging. Then I randomly pick up the product again and realize that while all the other products were nice, they don't compare.

Clinique's Turnaround Concentrate has been like that for me. I always feel like my skin is missing a little something when I don't use it. It helps gently smooth out the rougher areas of my skin and even out my skin tone. And while it's pricey (especially in Japan) I find it lasts a good while. I put a pump in my night routine, after my toner, every other night.

I'm sure I'll be distracted by pretty packaging or something or other, but I'm currently very, very pleased to have this back in my life.

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