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Sorry to cut you out, Duffy.
The weather has been flirting with the idea of summer weather in Kyushu for quite some time, so it's high time I pulled out all my summer bits and bobs. One new thing in my routine, however, is this Royal Honey Emulsion from Skin Food. I had a friend pick this up for me when she popped over the Seoul, since I was interested in trying but not enough to fork over the Y4000 it is in Japan. 

Featuring Duffy the Bear from Tokyo Disney Sea!
I have to say, I've been really liking this as a night time moisturizer. It's lightweight and kind of tacky at first but after a few minutes it sinks in leaving you skin soft and plump. The weight and feel are perfect for the summer, when putting on anything unnecessary is just too much work. Overall though, I don't think I'll be repurchasing this in Japan - maybe if get over to Korea sometime where it's half the price - but for Y4000, I want a little more than just moisturizing going on.

Do you switch up your skin care for the summer? Have you ever tried the Royal Honey line?

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  1. Skinfood is such a great line. Good review! Xx