The Omija Line -}

For the longest time the word 'whitening' in a products name or or description terrified me. As an American girl, raised on beach summers and swim team, I have always highly valued a nice tan over pale skin. Asia, however, is obsessed with pale, smooth skin. And on some small level, I've given in.

The Omija line from Skin Food claims to be for 'whitening' of the skin, but really it's secret is in brightening and smoothing out skin tone. While definitely not a miracle worker, or a speedy overnight treatment, when I put these into my every day routine, my skin seems to perk up. I use the toner and serum all year long and the emulsion m ainly in the summer months when I can use it in place of a moisturiser.

It's a bit expensive in Japan, but in Korea it's definitely a steal. Have you ever tried any brightening or whitening products?

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