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Masks seem to be a pretty decisive topic in the beauty world. Some like wash off masks. Some like sheet masks. Some like both. I'm firmly in the both camp, I think each group has their pluses and minuses. But I think Asia in general is firmly in the sheet mask camp.

Sheet masks are everywhere, especially in Korea. And Korean sheet masks are everywhere outside of Korea. They generally can be found for a really good price, even outside of the Korean peninsula which probably helps with their popularity.

I like to use a mask at least once a week, if I can I try and use a sheet mask and a wash off mask each once a week. (Heavy emphasis on the try.) I always seem to be able to tell when I've been sticking to the a-mask-a-week routine and when I've fallen off. My skin just feels a bit limp and dull when I don't use them, and when I do, there's a obvious pay-off the next morning.

I'm currently loving anything pomegranate (my favorite is probably The Face Shop's pomegranate mask) and Skin Food's Royal Honey mask. Pomegranate has always made my skin look and feel amazing. And the Royal Honey mask smells amazing and makes my face feel so hydrated and . . . ぷるぷる . . . plump? (Here I go forgetting my English again.) I also purchased the avocado mask after hearing people talk about all the benefits of avocado for the skin – since I'm not particularly crazy about eating it, I figured a mask would be the next best thing.

Do you use masks? Which camp are you in?

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