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Confession time. For about a year and a half, I had my mom mail me foundation from America because I was too terrified to try out any Japanese foundations. This was probably a good idea, because the one I did try out was . . . waayyy to dark and yellow. It was terrifying. I try to block out my memory of it.

However, fast forward through a bunch of Clinique and some Estee-Lauder foundations to my first trip to Korea. Seoul stole my heart and blessed me with the beauty that is BB Cream. I know a lot beauty bloggers and others think very little of BB Cream. That is is, essentially, just over-hyped tinted moisturiser. Maybe it is. But for me, Skin Food's Red Bean Paste BB Cream is my holy grail (well, relatively).

The formula is much more foundation like than tinted moisturiser, and it gives very good coverage. It's still a bit more yellow than I'd prefer, but I live in Asia, what did I expect? I like to use a foundation brush to apply it to give that nice airbrushed finish.

I have to say it does slide a bit in my t-zone since that's where I tend to get oily, but less so than all other foundations. (Foundations always seemed to slide off for me until I found my perfect moisturiser, but that's for another post). My only complaint is something that can't be helped. It's ridiculously cheap in Korea (W10,000 or Y1,000) but in Japan it's twice as much (Y2,000), but between all the tariffs and whatnot, I guess it's understandable.

Needless to say I've gone through countless tubes of this stuff and I'm still in love. Although I'm itching to get back to Seoul and buy a bunch of new BB creams to try (particularly Skin Food's Aloe Vera BB Cream, and one from Missha).

Do you have any favorite BB creams? Or do you think they're over-hyped?

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