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You know when sometimes you get swept away by beautiful packaging and the thrill of a new product? And it sits there, all shiny and pristine while your other products (while loved and much used) seem to shrink away from the perfection? But then . . . it doesn't live up to the excitement of the actual purchase.

Yeah, me too. And unfortunately, this shampoo is definitely one big fat case of buyers regret. After finishing up my CliniCare Full and Thick Shampoo, I was interested in trying a new shampoo and did some research (i.e. about five minutes of browsing

So off, I went to Kokura (a land that's not as magical as Fukuoka city, but it tries). And I found myself in the organic beauty shop in Izutsuya. Completely confused. There are so many brands and so many things to consider that I never really thought of (clearly the research didn't help). Enter the prettily packaged, of Cosmetics 'Rose Shampoo.'

The bottle is beautiful and the smell is, not exactly my style, but quite nice, something I thought I could definitely learn to like. The sample size that I bought has a screw cap, so you have to unscrew the cap and pour some out in your hand, which is kind of a pain when you're in the shower – however the full size does have a pump. The formula lathers nicely and seems to rinse well and left my hair feeling nice after the shower.

However, by the second day my hair was limp and greasy at the roots and I felt like a hot mess. So I went back and tried using a bit more product. Nu-uh. I tried using less product. Nope. I tried using the product on a every-other time basis with my Seanik shampoo. No go.

I'm sure this product has worked well for other people, but for me it just fell flat (see what I did there?). So I think I'm going to try and pawn this off to one of my girlfriends and try something else.

Have you ever tried Of Cosmetics products? Do you have any shampoo recommendations?

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