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I have a travel confession. I am totally one of those girls who puts on a sheet mask as soon as the lights dim on trans-Pacific flights. But hopefully the lucky ones of you are already sleeping by then, and the other not so-lucky ones are engrossed in a movie, so no one will care that I've got a mask stuck to my face.

I love sheet masks and on my last trip to the States I picked up a honey sheet mask from Skin Food and loved it. So I asked my friend to grab me some more on a trip to Korea a while back. She brought back something other than what I was expecting and I'm so glad she did.

This two step sheet mask is a bit more work, definitely not suitable for the plane, but totally worth it. Especially in winter when my skin feels like it's a bit rougher and drier than usual.

First you apply the Royal Honey Ampoule (the what?) and pat into your skin. And quickly before it dries, you slap on the Essence Mask Sheet. Sheet masks can be a pain in the ass, I know, but I find that Skin Food's masks fit me better than most (I'm looking at you Face Shop). Then you just lay back and relax for fifteen minutes or so; I like to do this right before bed so I'll relax, maybe read a little or catch up on some family e-mails. After fifteen minutes have passed you peel off the mask, toss it, and rub the excess into your skin following up with your normal moisturizer.

My skin feels so soft and hydrated after using this mask and definitely much lively in the morning than usual. I just used up my last one of these so I'll have to hunt down some more or try and find a substitute.

What are your favorite masks? Do you like sheet or wash off masks?

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