Color Ink -}

I'm pretty sure these Color Inks that popped up in my drug store last week are the much talked about Color Tattoos elsewhere in the world.

Maybelline has been hard at work increasing their brand in Japan and while some have been grave misses (Baby Pore Primer, I'm looking at you). Others, well, I know I've been dying to try out.

Renamed Color Ink for what I'm assuming is a cultural reason (tattoos are still a pretty big no-no in Japan), Maybelline has launched five colors in the line. I'm guessing these pretty things aren't going to become part of their permanent line, judging from the fancy displays in stores and the Japanese love-affair with limited edition products.

I've already picked up the color BR-1 but I still find myself circling around the display like a shark waiting for it's prey. I can't decided if I want to pick up a fun bright color, like the green or gold, or if I should stick to my everyday colors and snatch the beige or rose.

What do you think? Are these something your eyeing up?

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