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The closest drug store to me is Matsumoto Kiyoshi (MatsuKiyo for short), and I am so thankful. It's stocked with everything from beauty products to Cup of Noodles to milk and butter, so I'm there quite often.

However since starting this blog (a whole week ago), I've started spending a lot more time in their beauty section (which is pretty impressive given the size, I have to say) testing products and playing researching.

And if you sign up for a points card, every month you get a coupon for around 10% of beauty products (as well as 15% off of medicinal stuff, and 5% of food). So I thought I'd do a bit of shopping when I received my coupon this month.

 I picked up a new liquid black eye-liner, Deja-Vu 24 Hour liner, Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser, and Black Charcoal Face Wash.

I've been really wanting to try a 'pore eraser' primer recently and the Maybelline one was one of the top ranked products from MatsuKiyo, so that went in my basket. I also am needing a new black liquid eyeliner, and while I liked my 24 Hour Tattoo liner, I thought I'd give the Deja-Vu a try. Plus it's got a interesting stiff felt pen style applicator, so that should be interesting. Look for reviews on those two products in the next few weeks.

The last product is a charcoal foaming face wash, Black Charcoal (黒い炭). I really like this as a body wash for areas that tend to get gunky and break out (especially in summer). And it's only Y400, so I think it's a great bargain. I've been meaning to pick up a new tube for ages, and finally remembered the other night.

Anyway, does it count as a haul if there are only three products? Maybe?

What products are you eyeing at the drugstore right now? Or are you saving up for a big splurge?

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