Maybe I'm obsessed with make-up. Maybe not. (I'm leaning to a solid yes.)But I'm definitely obsessed with beauty videos on You-Tube. So when two of my favorite beauty bloggers/gurus/idols/whatever Anna and Lily Pebbles posted their new series of tips & tricks for starting a beauty blog, I watched without any real intent of ever using the tips (why? I don't know, I had a lot of time on my hands over winter vacation, okay - don't judge). However their biggest piece of advice stuck with me and I soon had wheels turning in my head.

"Make a blog that you would want to read."

And so far, that I'm aware of (correct me if I'm wrong, PLEASE), no one has made a beauty blog for white women in Japan. Because Japan, I love you, I do. But buying make-up is so incredibly hard here!

So this is me taking their very good advice and making a blog that I'd want to read. A blog about how to buy make-up in Japan. For women with very pale Caucasian skin (and hair).

If you have any tips & tricks on buying make-up in Japan (or Asia) let me know in the comments! Talk to you soon!

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